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Cema-net project

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CEMA-NET (Constructive Employability and Adaptability Network) is a transnational cooperation network of eight national partnership organizations from Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, and Spain. All of these organizations are conducting projects within the framework of the European EQUAL programme which is funded through the European Social Fund. The primary common target is the network’s effort to increase employment and quality of employment. Because of the broad scope of themes the activities of the network are divided into three working groups and a steering committee. Main themes of the working groups are: Life-Long Learning, Constructive adaptability and Social Responsibility. The transfer of best practice examples and experiences from the diverse projects to the partnership organizations and countries and the development of common products is the main focus of the network.




Transnational partners

Cema-net partnership has eight transnational members.

The aim of Austrian partner is to obtain workability of employees and to provide support and solutions so that they can stay in the working process (within the health care system). Another aim is to point out the problems at system level and at the various tasks of the different hierarchies which, in the long run, lead to mental damages and could make the employees redundant.

The aim of Spanish partner is to promote the job quality and security of those who work but are threatened by exclusion from the labour market, promote the social responsibilities that companies have towards Human Resource management and, above all, towards the employees who may find themselves involved in situations resulting in job loss and promote public-private cooperation procedures regarding the compromise of family and work life for the benefit of job security, especially in the case of women.

The aim of French partner is to facilitate the integration and the employability of the public with a high risk of social and professional exclusion, into the small businesses, to further and improve the conditions of equality and the struggle against discrimination

The general objective of the Italian project is identifying, experimenting and modelling methodologies and instruments to contrast employees’ discriminations and disparities.

The project objective of Slovak partner is to create manual and expert system for effective selection of activities of active labour market policy and ways of preferring it before less active methods.


Transnational Secretary of the Cema-net partnership Anne Ropiquet from french partner.
Contacts on individual national partners, can be found at presentation of national partners

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