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Working group's life

Lifelong learning team


Common definition

Lifelong learning can be understood as an objective process, which takes place, in a variety of manners and with different intensity, in the lives of all people. It can also be perceived as a conscious activity of the individuals, aimed at gaining maximum out of this process, under the concrete existing conditions. Finally, it can constitute a policy perspective, aimed at creation of the possibly most conducive conditions for the conscious realisation of lifelong learning activity of the individuals, notwithstanding the broader (social, economic…) purposes of this activity.

Goals of the working team :


Exchanging on the « Lifelong Learning » concept in order to achieve the creation of a common product allowing a better visibility of the concept at a European scale.
Elaborating a shared representation of the ‘Lifelong Learning’ concept in order to identify the main components and to participate to its generalisation by capitalizing the experiences and recommendations built around the Equal local projects. 


Comparison of the states of the arts of the ’Lifelong Learning’ at the level of each partner country and description of the political strategies developed to set it up.

Identification and definition of the stages of a ‘Lifelong Learning’ project and of the protagonists involved in its setting up.

Identification of the components related to ‘Lifelong Learning’ at the local projects level and description of transferable good practices and recommendations concerning the tested out components.

 Expected results

Creation of a common document describing the shared representation of the working team of the ‘Lifelong Learning’ concept, listing the key factors of the concept, describing the experiences led in this field at the level of the local projects and capitalizing the good practices transferable to other projects.

Work team members

Susanne DIEING - Germany
Gilles DIMICOLI - France
Elodie FLÉ - France
Silke JÄGER - Germany
Sabine JOANOWITSCH - Austria
Tomasz MARCINIAK - Poland
Lydie MARCOTTE - France
Jacek NIECKUŁA - Poland
Rastislav NOSKA - Slovakia
Jan W. OWSIŃSKI - Poland
Amalia PIRAINO - Italy
Wulfhild REICH - Germany
Sybille SOCK - Germany
Doris VOLKE - Germany

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