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RENOWATOR Center is a model mechanism of IIT transfer directly from science units of its development into current and real needs of economy, by practical application of these achievements in order to improve enterprises condition and vocational position of persons with reduced chances on the employment market.

The main goal of RENOWATOR’ DP is to prepare model of Training-Consultation-Probation Center which will be running complex (tele)trainings, (tele)consultations and (tele)probations services in order to improve the level of knowledge, qualifications and their certification from Innovative Information Technologies (IIT) by target groups :
  • Managers from SME, which are conducting or planning re-structuring, outplacement , or having problems with IIT usage („SME-roi”);
  • SME employees over 40 years old, threatened by losing their jobs or being at worse position because of their age and low IIT competencies;
  • Women (and men) during or after maternity leave, employed in SME.
The RENOWATOR Center model mainly provides :
  • Support of vocational position of SME employees by giving help in acquiring competencies and certified skills in innovative information technologies
  • Presenting the modern computer technologies and their applications, improving enterprises competitiveness, to entrepreneurs and managers of SME sector.


Partnership's main goal is suppression of inequalities on the job market, inequalities resulting from age, sex, access to innovative technologies. The Partnership will also cover employees of small and medium enterprises (SME) that are in danger of losing employment. This concerns these SME that are having trouble adapting to market structural changes, especially enterprises having to under go restructuring and/or outplacement and these having problems with introducing Innovative Information Technologies (IIT) (SME groups undergoing restructuring and/or outplacement and/or having problems with ITI will be called "SME-roi"). 

Among "SME-roi" employees will be considered two groups. The first group contains people over 40 years old ("40+"), the second group contains women returning from maternity leave "w". In both groups "40+w" are considered people who can keep up with to new demands gaining from information society and free market.

Partnership's goals meet strategic goals of subject F as it can be presented as sum of the three strategic goals :
  • Supporting and keeping employment in groups "40+w" (this will be achieved through vocational probations in the Center, supporting outplacement by means of training and workshops, supporting vocational trainings on the employers side by means of conducting consultations, promotion of newly qualified staff in Poland and in EURES network.)
  • Help and support in using innovative technologies by giving access to innovative technologies like TeleEdu (e-learning, property of Institute of Mathematical Machines, TeleEdu LMS) and also creating beneficial conditions of franchising contracts;
  • Making employers aware that innovative changes are inevitable.
Partnership goals cover 2 horizontal issues - development of informational society and policy of equal opportunities for men and women. As a contribution to development of informational society we find :
  • Educating employees and managers with good ITI knowledge;
  • Creation of remote ITI training resources during the project,
  • Creation of rules and materials for certification in innovative technologies and also creation of public certified specialist database.


During Action 2 the model Center of Training, Consultation and Probation for people over 40 years old ("40+"), the women returning from maternity leave (“w”) and for management staff of SME undergoing restructuring and/or outplacement and/or having problems with ITI ("SEM-roi") named RENOWATOR will be created. During practices (tele)educational and information resources will be elaborated with the cooperation of trainees, based on ITI. Center will certify the innovative skills (like data annalist, instructional designer, e-mentor), will also create and widespread the certified specialists' database and support their employment.
During Action 3 experience of the Center will be spread and will be taken the attempts to include such a Center model into the State Plan for Employment Activity, and to include the innovative skills - in the structure of the professions' and specializations' classification.
During Actions 1-3 will be complied all of the EQUAL principles, especially innovation, empowerment and mainstreaming as well as spreading of good practices. 

During Partnership's actions there is used, developed , promoted, implemented and spreaded information technologies in scope of data and information analysis and synthesis and in cope of e-learning. This leads to gaining and certification of new skills like :
  • E-learning consultant
  • E-mentor
  • Instructional Designer
  • Evaluator of e-content
  • Date analyst
  • Market analyst
  • Clients needs analyst
  • Auction adviser
  • Designer of information and organization systems
  • Adviser of planning and evaluating investment projects
  • Project management specialist
  • Feasibility Study specialist
  • Logistic advisor

The RENOWATOR Center will be training and preparing redundant "40+w" employees from "SME-roi" as certified professionals with innovative and attractive skills. Acquiring these skills will allow then to stay employed, help them find employment or start their own enterprise. Project participants will be trained in the Center and will get new vocational experience through (remote) probations.


Forecasted Partnership results :

  • Increase in participation level of certified, newly trained specialists from people over 40 years old ("40+") and women returning from maternity leave ("w");
  • Promotion of the Center as a model for helping SME undergoing restructuring and/or outplacement and/or having problems with ITI ("SEM-roi") and "40+w";
  • Creation and promotion of database containing certified specialists;
  • Keeping their employment or finding new employment by project participants.

he project products will be :

Conception of new model of vocational training for SME undergoing restructuring and/or outplacement and/or having problems with ITI ("SEM-roi"), people over 40 years old ("40+") and women returning from maternity leave ("w");

Creation of Training, Consultation and Probation Center RENOWATOR, functioning during the project as part of IMM;

Learning programmes, learning materials, certification exam programmes and electronic courses for certification of new skills like :

  • E-learning consultant
  • E-mentor
  • Instructional Designer
  • Evaluator of e-content
  • Date analyst
  • Market analyst
  • Clients needs analyst
  • Auction adviser
  • Designer of information and organization systems
  • Adviser of planning and evaluating investment projects
  • Project management specialist
  • Feasibility Study specialist
  • Logistic advisor

National partners

 Institute of Mathematical Machines

is a polish research and development centre. Its task is developing, disseminating and implementing innovative IT, optoelectronic and biometric technologies. Institute's works contain remote education, document management systems, identification systems, work time control and registration system and access control.Institute of Mathematical Machines has a long experience in developing remote education technologies. In years 1990-1999 during conducted research IMM has developed and implemented a pioneer system EGZAMINATOR which allowed creation and conduct of electronic tests. In years 2002-2003 IMM has led a pilot project, co financed by Leonardo da Vinci European program. As a result of this project TeleEdu e-learning technology, EWS SDK authoring, delivery and monitoring tool and a dozen e-courses were developed. Currently TeleEdu LMS e-learning platform is under development (http://bi.imm.org.pl,  http://ldv.imm.org.pl). TeleEdu technology is SCORM 1.2 and 2004 conformant.

 The Polish Chamber of Commerce

was established in 1990 by 13 members-initiators. The organization integrates Polish business society around common aims, to represent in the best way their interests to the government, central administration, local authorities and external surrounding. It is realized by, among others, monitoring economic law, giving opinions on acts projects, presenting society opinions and positions and preparing experts' opinions.
The main purpose of all these action is creation the conditions for developing enterprise in Poland. In expert activities, PCC uses in significant degree knowledge and experience of scientists from many universities, as well as specialists working for regional, local and branch chambers. There are also 16 problem committees, grouping from dozen up to even 100 experts each. PCC has its own research unit - Institute of Research on Democracy and Private Enterprise. PCC organizes seminaries, conferences, conducts trainings and advises in scope of the most important problems related with company leading. InfoData service offers to enterprises information on trade partners and checks contractor's reliability. There is the Arbitration Court functioning at PCC, the oldest and having opinion of the most significant arbitration court in Poland. An important PCC task is international cooperation, supporting export and economic promotion, as well as actions leading to full integration of Polish economy with united EU market.

 Women Online - Internet Media

, the first Polish woman WWW service (Women.pl), was established in May 1997. It is edited by women for women, and concerns issues related to a wide range of topics and interests for today's Polish women. WWW magazine has listed our service on their "Top 25 Web Site" list. As a company core commitment to our visitors, Kobiety Online is presently updating and improving its WWW services. As a Kobiety Online visitor, you are able to receive the latest information pertaining to woman institutions, organizations, special events, and educational campaigns. Other pertinent information that can be found on our site are health issues (i.e. prophylaxis - breast cancer, menopause - "The March of Life and Hope", osteoporosis - "To be Independent for a Longer Time"). Also you can find advice and references regarding employment and career decisions, services and products for women, housing and family matters, as well as everyday, practical advice. As a well-defined product, Kobiety Online has a proven "new media" advertising track record as it is targeted towards a specific market segment, Polish women. Kobiety Online has consistently received 80.000 visitors a month.

The aim of our service is :
  • To increase female awareness about the Internet in personal and professional life.
  • To present outstanding women in their field.
  • To deliver educational and practical information with regards to organizations working in the areas of woman health and women rights.
  • To present companies offering specialized services and products for women and their families.
the future, Kobiety Online plans the following campaigns :
  • Preparing an Internet research survey regarding the subject - "Is Success a Necessity for Today's Woman", which will be directed to our Site visitors.
  • Organizing the Computer Summer School for women during holidays, with MS Office, Internet courses.
  • Establishing the Warsaw Woman Film Club in association with the Polish Association of Scientific Film this autumn. This club will present the latest discoveries in the various areas of Science and Technology including bioengineering, biotechnics, woman's health, science and technology in sport, multimedia tools of the 21st century. Presentations will take place in the autumn during the First Warsaw Varnishing-Day of Science and Technology.
obiety Online offers the following services :  
  • New media advertising such as banner campaigns and sponsorships.
  • Membership to the Warsaw Club of Science and Technology in co-operation with the Warsaw Department of Polish Science Association.
  • Film proposals for schools, local cultural centers, and companies.
  • Presentations using the Internet, video cassettes or CD-ROMs. We will present to you the latest achievements of science and world technology in the different spheres of knowledge including bioengineering, biotechnics, women health, science and technology in sport, laser technology, interactive robots, multimedia tools of the 21st century, digital effects in films, inside our body, man created by another man, future cars, reality simulators, virtual studios, space ships, new types of NATO weapons, safe weapons, cybernetic army, electronic war.

 Academy of Human Resources Management

Warsaw School of Human Resources Management - the Partner of RENOWATOR Partnership Warsaw College of Human Resources Management is private University/ Academy/ College established in 2001, which concentrate its actions in Renowator Partnership in two main fields :
  • Supporting Final Beneficiaries in development of key personal skills and qualifications by Personal Consulting and increasing employment opportunities by work agency operating as Renowator Career Office, based on College experience in this field.
  • Spreading the results of actions taken by Renowator Center to HR departments of 500 major companies in Poland through Renowator Bulletin, websites and other printed materials and media.

The mission of the College is to prepare top class experts in the field of human resources management, public communications and relations, as well as conscious participation in economy market and public and non-governmental environment.

The College aims its actions at developing human potential and offers to the Final Beneficiaries tailor-made coaching program, divided into interactive modules to be taken by the Internet or stationary that will develop selected soft skills. College will also support Final Beneficiaries in gaining new work positions, recruitment process, application preparing including providing data base of employers if necessary.

 TOP Multimedia

is publisher of The Magazine for Medium and Small Enterprises, the first nationwide monthly magazine for businessmen running small and medium enterprises (SME) in Poland. Our mission is education and information therefore we focus on the quality of our articles and reliable, impartial information. “Gazeta MSP” provides businessmen with all the necessary information: from law and economy issues to advice and offers for SME. “Gazeta MSP” publishes ratings and analyses to be used in business environment. Those materials are prepared by business analysts from “Pracownia Badań Rynkowych” (PBR) one of the leading research institutes on the Polish market.

 Systems Research Institute

Polish Academy of Science, ranks among the internationally recognized leading scientific centers in the fields of systems theory and analysis, operational research, data analysis, knowledge engineering, artificial intelligence, soft computing, optimization, multicriteria methods, reliability theory, organizational and information systems, and financial mathematics. Fundamental and applied research is carried out, applications ranging from economic and production systems, through medical, ecological and social systems, to organizations.

The Institute employs more than 100 persons, of whom some 20 are full professors. It is involved in a number of international projects and programs, including 5 FP and 6 FP, and maintains active collaboration with many foreign and domestic centers, both universities and research institutions.

The Institute runs one of the best libraries in its domain, publishes since 1972 an English-language quarterly Control & Cybernetics, quoted by ISI and other prominent services, and hosts many international meetings on subjects constituting the cutting edge in science.

The staff of the Institute teach at different levels, the doctoral studies conducted at the Institute (financial mathematics, control theory, computer theory), and the university level schools (e.g. at the Warsaw University of Technology), both graduate and undergraduate. In particular, numerous employees of the Institute teach at WIT, the Warsaw School of Information Technology, tightly associated with the Institute. They give lectures there and conduct exercises, coach projects and supervise diploma works, in subjects such as basics of computer use and software development, various areas of computer theory, applied mathematics, management and business administration, market research, etc. The staff have an ample experience in running courses on IT use for a wide diversity of audiences.

 Master Consulting

is an advisory company. Our company had headquarter in the Northern Poland in Tree-City and a branch in Warsaw. Our consulting services are within: human resources, trainings and coaching, creating, monitoring and evaluating UE projects, creating business strategy, creating application and business plan to help our Clients benefit from the integration with the European Union.



Ludwika Krzywickiego 34 St.
room no. 125,
02-078 Warsaw

Contact persons :
Jolanta Brzostek-Pawłowska
room no. 141,
phone (+48 22) 625 59 95,
Bożena Przyborowska
Office Head
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