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In the framework of the transnational Cema-net project, four transnational seminars were planned on the topics related to the different working teams :
  • a first seminar, organized in Vienna in March 2006 by the Austrian project leader, on the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • a second a seminar, organized in Gandia (Community of Valencia) in June 2006 by the Spanish project leader, on the topic of Constructive Adaptability
  • a third seminar, organized in Amiens in November 2006 by the French project leader, on the topic of Lifelong Learning.
  • a fourth seminar, organized in Stuttgart in March 2007 by the German project leader, on the cultural diversity as competitive advantage (internationalisation of Lifelong Learning and sustainable intercultural human resources development management)

To have access to the programmes of the seminars, to the interventions done as well as to the photos taken, please click.

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