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The Integrating Business Network has for goal to gather firms located in the department of Somme (Picardy region, France); in priority, the very small businesses of the craft sector and the SMEs of the area.

The Integrating Business Network is a plan developed in the framework of the European project “Alter-Action-Insertion” led by the Chamber of Trade and Crafts of the Somme in collaboration with 25 partners organizations.

The action of the Integrating Business Network aims at highlighting the social role of the firm and enhancing the image of the craft’s trades in priority, to individuals looking for a job by proposing them thorough internships to discover a specific trade. It targets also the access to professional qualification by the means of the apprenticeship or block-release training.

The goal of the network

- To answer to the difficulties of recruitment met by some sectors of activity

- To propose to the firms new sources of recruitment

- To facilitate the access to the firm to individuals facing difficulties on the job market

- To offer to the trainees a monitored path in the company

The network’s services

- Proposal of trainees for your company
- Search of the profile adapted to your offer of internships, anticipating a possible recruitment’s need
- Making the link with the candidates and the companies
- Monitoring of the path of the trainees in the firm
- Tutor's training offered to one or several persons of your company.

- Free communication on your company via the network, via the network’s website (among it communication for general public), via leaflet.

The label

- Is attributed to the firms subscribing to the network AAI.

- Guarantees that the firm respect undertakings in the field of insertion of individuals with difficulties and accept to welcome those people in internship.

- Enhances the company as a socially responsible company to the general public and to the protagonists of the employment offices, training centres and insertion organizations.

- Is renewed after a periodical evaluation of the undertakings of the firm.

The leadership and management of the network

- The network is a plan developed in the framework of an EQUAL European project by the Chamber of Trade and Crafts of the Somme in collaboration with 25 partners organizations.

- The Chamber of Trade and Crafts of the Somme is in charge of the leadership of the network.

- The employment and insertion offices, the training centres and the firms of the network are the different protagonists in charge of making it live.

Join the network!

For further information, please contact the support department :

Chambre de Métiers et de l’Artisanat de la Somme: (Chamber of Trade and Crafts of the Somme)

 Phone : +33 3 22 50 40 38
or E-mail : europe@cma80.fr



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